"The real treat of Big Top Evil is watching the performance of Austin Judd as Candy." -Gruesome Magazine
"Austin Judd as Candy hits the proper notes of both sweet and evil, making for a fun, yet monstrous villain." 
-Film Threat
"Candy (Austin Judd) ain’t as sweet as she looks in Big Top Evil." -Tennessee Horror
"Scene-stealer... Austin Judd" -Horror Buzz
"There is something uncomfortably scary, yet B-Movie-ish about “Big Top Evil.” -Horror News
"Add to the mix the redneck girl Candy, well played by Austin Judd, the film will remind you of the classic 2000 Maniacs." -World Film Geek
"Is a night of ecstasy with a trapeze babe worth losing one's head over?" -Zisi Emporium for B-Movies